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Receipting of Goods

  • Receipts may be entered directly or entered as a pre-advice to be recalled and confirmed later
  • Multiple products may be receipted at one time
  • Can share Product codes can be standardised between clients as well as stoinge the customer's own codes
  • Completion a receipt, automatically produces the Goods Received Note and an invoice for RH&D and registers this for rental invoicing. The invoice is automatically posted to the Sales ledger
  • Quarterly customer Intrastats by customer
  • Waste Packaging reporting by customer

Dispatching of Goods

  • The system caters for transfers in bond
  • The entry of "Goods Despatch" is flow controlled to ensure the correct fields are entered for Under Bond or Duty paid issues
  • Duty liability is automatically checked and controlled
  • Despatches using the "House" deferment automatically raise a Duty & VAT invoice with special payment terms
  • Separate invoice raised if delivery is charged
  • The system will produce a complete AAD, W8 or C88 as appropriate for Under Bond orders

End of Day/Period

  • Simple press of the button produces an automatic backup to disk then produces all relevant W5's and documention
  • Daily routines in under 15 minutes including automatic back up
  • Supporting reports can be printed or stored as Word documents
  • All forms may be reprinted at anytime, with or without supporting reports

End of Month

  • Easily print Volume report from last W5.
  • R.E.D.'s Return and the AAD/W8 tracking reports are automatically produced
  • Quick Rental invoice production
  • Customer statements and any other reports can be printed when required.
  • The entire process normally takes less than 15 minutes

Rental Invoices

  • Rental invoices are automatically raised by the system.
  • Default rates can be set by customer and overriden at rotation level if required.
  • Free days of storage may be given if required
  • Rental periods may be Daily per Week, Weekly or Weekly per Month. Rates may be by unit, case, standard case or pallet
  • Invoices go straight to the ledger and may be printed as proformas or reprinted as required
  • Invoices and statements may be viewed, printed, faxed or emailed either individually or in a weekly/monthly batch

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