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for Drinks Trade Wholesalers and Importers
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Vintner Enterprise
Ex-Cellars Module Detail
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Key Features

  • Reserves can be paid or unpaid
  • Reserves are stored relating to a customer at any location
  • Routines are provided for charging rent, insurance and handling
  • Simple addition of reserves to orders.  Auto charging of duty and VAT for paid reserves being released from bond
  • Reserve statements for customers, with product specific drinking notes, purchase price and estimated current market value
  • Rental  invoicing in advance or arrears
  • Paid Reserve stock automatically seperated or excluded on  standard stock and valuation reports
  • Reserved stock can be held duty paid, under bond or ex-cellars
  • Standard sales orders are easily converted to reserve and rental invoices can be automatically run to select and charge only new items to the end of the period
  • Full history of all movements and adjustments to any reserve from inception to final clearance
  • Quick and simple on screen inquiries on any customer or product showing all reserves held.  Display includes original invoice number, cost, creation date and current market value
  • Tracking and invoicing of consignment stock supplied to customers
  • Links to En-primeur module within Purchase Ordering
  • Auto conversion of En-Primeur to Paid  Reserve
  • Track Expiry of Unpaid Reserve Stock
  • Buy & Sell Customer Reserves

Standard Reports

  • Reserve Statements
  • Reserve Invoices
  • Customer Stock List
  • Customer Stock Audit

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