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Vintner Enterprise
EDI Module Detail
Vintner Systems

The EDI module interacts with most proprietary EDI gateways such as Kewill Xetal or Freeway. It allows mapping of EDI messages negating the requirement for purchasing expensive templates. It is supplied with a pre-entered set of editable templates that allow the import of orders and Ex-cellars orders directly into Vintner Enterprise and the production of invoices for all major supermarket chains. The message creator allows the easy mapping of any order or invoice to any standard Tradacomm or Edifact template.

Key Features

  • Map any order or invoice template for any Edifact or Tradacoms message
  • Standard templates of invoices and order imports for all major supermarket chains included
  • Automatic import of order messages to standard sales orders or ex-cellars orders
  • Export of EDI invoices from order processing or ex-cellars ordering
  • EDI message creator and EDI message interpreter programs.  Allows creation of any invoice template
  • Copy template utility
  • Works in conjunction with a standard EDI gateway such as Kewill-Xetal or Freeway
  • No need to purchase expensive message templates from your EDI software supplier
  • Full Tracking of imported and exported messages

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