Stock Control Software
for Drinks Trade Wholesalers and Importers
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Vintner Enterprise
Ex-Cellars Module Detail
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Key Features

  • Direct sales, Commission sales or Direct with Commission
  • Purchase and Sales invoices in any currency with automatic conversion between different currencies
  • Handling of complex VAT requirements
  • Quota tracking
  • Intrastat tracking and reporting
  • Waste Packaging tracking and reporting
  • Fax/Email of orders and confirmations to supplier, customer and transporter
  • Bespoke documents by supplier, customer and transporter
  • Production of Pro-Forma invoices as required
  • Purchase invoice verification system
  • Quality control and tracking of Lot Marks
  • Tracking of orders by relevant stages of completion
  • Production of Commission statements
  • Date effective prices and promotions
  • Links to EDI module

Standard Reports

  • Order Listing
  • Outstanding Orders
  • Order x Product
  • Supplier x Customer
  • Invoice Accrual Report
  • Predicted Sales x Budget
  • Sales To Date Report
  • Sales Comparison To Date

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