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Internet Module Detail
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Key Features

  • Web Services Module - a powerful programming interface which allows a website designer to link your website directly to the Vintner Enterprise system.  It is used to extract live data such as product details, stock levels, customer account history and reserve details, enabling this information to be displayed on your website as required.  It also allows information about orders taken on your website to be automatically inserted in to the Vintner system for despatch.
  • B2B Module - an off the shelf web site (logos and colours can be customised) which is designed for account customers (those who exist in the Vintner Enterprise Sales Ledger). It allows entry of orders from their standard product list and any other permitted products.  Special prices are respected, stock levels are instantly reduced and security is protected by the use of pre-arranged delivery points.  Customers can view their account details, order history and reserves.
  • Customer Account View Module - a cut-down version of the B2B Module, it enables customers to view their account details, order history and reserves but without the functionality of placing orders.
  • Internet Data Export - Exports product data from Vintner Enterprise to a location where the information can be picked up and displayed by your website.  This module is suitable if you only require information to be displayed without online sales capability.
  • Web Calendar - enables staff to access the Vintner Enterprise calendar and contact records through a web browser.  Useful for staying in touch whilst out of the office.

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