Stock Control Software
for Drinks Trade Wholesalers and Importers
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Vintner Enterprise
Stock Processing Module Detail
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Key Features

  • Works in cases and bottles
  • Stock control at over 1000 locations
  • Mixed Packs
  • Stock balances for each location showing physical, allocated to orders, reserved, being transferred, on order and free stock
  • Stock held at Rotation and Bin location level
  • Duty paid, CCT Paid and CCT unpaid Rotations
  • Customs and Excise duty changes are quick and simple
  • Tracking of Duty liabilities
  • Full audit history of rotation's life cycle
  • Rotation details include date, opening balance, current balance, cost price, saleable stock marker, reasons for non-saleable stock, best before date and lot mark
  • Fully integrates with Customer Reserves and Excise Bond Modules

Standard Reports

  • Stock list, duty paid and under bond, by many criteria
  • Stock x Location x Rotation
  • Price Lists
  • Stock Audit
  • Sales with Stock x Warehouse
  • Stock Transfer Report
  • Minimum level Report
  • Stock x Working Days
  • Period Stock Analysis
  • Sell By Date Report
  • Customisable Product information sheets

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