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Bond System Module Detail
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The Bond module is designed to integrate Sales Order processing directly with your own bonded warehouse.  It enables direct picking of stock with "optional round up to case" at each clearance.  The efficiency achieved using a fully integrated bond module gives a substantial competitive advantage.

Key Functionality

  • Available as UK or Republic of Ireland versions
  • Integrates with Stock Take module
  • Produces all required forms and volume reports
  • AAD Printing
  • W5/1115 Printing
  • Monthly/fortnightly returns
  • Full rotation history
  • Analysis of standard VAT and acquisition VAT
  • Separate ownstock  from Bond client stock
  • Deferment monitoring
  • Sell directly from Bond in cases or loose bottles
  • Comprehensive reporting of all transactions
  • Interwarehouse transfers
  • Client duty statement
  • Storage invoicing
  • Client Intrastat returns
  • EMCS Integration
  • Cask adjustments
  • Bottling process tracking and reporting

Standard Reports

  • AAD response Report
  • Product Duty Audit
  • Receipts Listing
  • Duty Rates
  • Product x Duty Code
  • Client List
  • Client Stock List
  • Stock x Bin Location
  • Transfer Report
  • Product Bin Labels
  • Volume Report Audit
  • Rotation Report

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