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Waste Packaging Regulations

A guideline to regulations for Drink Importers.

Waste packaging regulations have been a mystery since they were first initiated some years ago. As a result they were amended in 2009 and we have found some useful documentation to assist those companies who are unsure as to whether or not they are liable. The information below is only a guideline and all companies are advised to take independent advice if they are unsure of their liability.

What period do you report?

The year for waste packaging reporting runs from January 1st to December 31st inclusive. The submission for any year must be made by the 4th of April in the following year i.e. for the year 01/01/2009 to 31/12/2009 the figures must be submitted before 04/04/2010.

Who must register?

Businesses must pass two threshold tests to become obligated producers. They must:
i) Have a turnover of £2 million or above and
ii) Handle 50 tonnes or more of packaging in a calendar year.
Obligated producers have a choice either to register on an annual basis either with their appropriate authority (Environment Agency, SEPA or NIEA) or a compliance scheme.

Who is liable?

The first UK company (or individual) that owns the goods is liable. It is now deemed that an Ex-Cellars agent is liable unless they are Commission ONLY and the customer pays the supplier directly.

Where do you register?

What returns must be made?

You need to complete the following online:

i) Table 1
ii) Table 3a
iii) Table 3c if you have any exports out to deduct
iv) Table 3d if you wish to claim items you are recycling yourself

Useful Links:

Packaging Regulations September 2009.pdf:

Application to Register Document:

To assist our Vintner Enterprise customers we have added a module that exports and/or emails a spreadsheet to each supplier listing their products to assist in them filling in the appropriate weights.

Vintner Enterprise then re-imports this and produces the figures for the Waste Packaging Submission.
We have made this spreadsheet freely available in the link below to assist other companies to collate the required data. Note that all weights should be entered in gms to 3 decimal places, there are some hidden columns in case other types of packaging are required and we have also included columns for items such as bar codes and vintage so this data can be collected at the same time.